Different Swaddling Methods

Swaddling blanket - whiteThe ancient baby care tradition of baby swaddling is setting in and making many parents curious about how best to practice it with their babies. As doctors increasingly recommend this practice and validate, through studies, that swaddled babies sleep better than unswaddled babies, it is important to understand that there is more than one way of swaddling a baby – and, here, we take a look at three different swaddling methods. The common aspect to all of them is that they all reproduce the unique environment that the mother’s womb has been for babies, so they provide them with the warm, wrap-around comfort that eases their transition from the womb to the outside world. Having said that, it should also be highlighted that the most suitable baby swaddle blankets are square blankets made of premium muslin cotton, that give babies the absolute best touch brought by the best fabric.

Let’s now take a look at these three methods:

Feeding Cue Swaddle. Most suited for babies with 1 to 2 weeks, you leave the hands of the baby out so that the baby can give you a cue that he his hungry. Start by gently securing the baby’s arm, and swaddle over it while leaving one hand out, close to his mouth. Once wrapped, you bring the bottom of the blanket up, and then you repeat the former process, gently securing the other arm, while leaving that hand also out and close to the baby’s mouth, wrapping the swaddle over that arm. Finally, you tightly but gently bring the loose part of the blanket over both arms of the baby, and you hold it tight behind the baby’s back.

Double Swaddle. With a large square muslin blanket, you can either wrap-up little babies or larger babies, giving both the same comfort, while helping them to stay quiet and in peace, perfect for a wonderful time of sleep. In this method, you firstly wrap the baby’s arms along with his body, and subsequently bring the right side of the blanket to the left side of the baby, then covering the baby’s feet, followed by bringing the left side of the blanket to the right, thus completing the swaddle.

Arms Only Swaddle. Most suited for babies with 3 to 4 months, this swaddle helps babies to sleep better and be quieter, without getting them too warm. By simply wrapping the blanket around each of the baby’s arms, along the baby’s body, being tight enough to secure them while also leaving them room to move a little, you are almost done. To finish it, just tie a knot with the two loose ends, and you’re done and your baby is ready to sleep!

Remember to keep your baby properly swaddled, so to that he is safe and feels comfortable, and always keep the room temperature in sight, to make sure that the baby will not be cold or over-heat. Also, do not forget that square muslin baby blankets can later be used for so many other purposes, namely serving as play mats, car mats and burp mats. Once they are no longer needed, as your baby grows, you can also use the blankets as towels or divide them into cleaning rugs, since they are made to be ecological and multi-purpose – from the beginning to their end.