Why are Receiving Blankets the Preferred Choice for Baby Showers?

Swaddling blanket - whiteWhen you go to a baby shower, you want to bring a gift that the parents will see as something useful, beautiful and durable. So what gift should you take? The answer is becoming increasingly easy, as receiving blankets go on becoming the trendiest and most treasured baby shower gift that guests offer and parents love. Why is that?

Well, first of all, a delicate swaddle blanket is such a beautiful baby care accessory, that many parents even use in home decoration once they are no longer swaddling their babies. So, the beautiful aspect is definitely covered.

Secondly, an increasing number of parents, all across Europe, the US, Canada and Australia is picking up on the baby swaddling trend. This century-old baby care tradition, which has quietly made its way into our days, has suddenly become a worldwide trend. Many celebrities and high-profile doctors, like Dr Oz, have publicly stated that they swaddle their babies or support baby swaddling, which has boosted the swaddling trend.

After all, the quieting, smoothing and sleep-promoting effect that swaddle blankets have on babies is something that improves the life of every baby – and helps parents to ensure that their babies make a smooth and comfortable transition from being newborns into their fast growth. And this is no small feat, so the trend is explained.

And, finally, along with all the extra uses that parents give to receiving blankets even when they are swaddling their babies, these blankets also become beautiful multi-purpose items in a post-swaddling stage.

As mentioned above, parents use their receiving blankets in home decoration, or as picnic cloths, lasting play mats for their babies even when they become toddlers, and as shading for cribs and strollers, among so many other uses that these blankets can have. The post-swaddling life of a swaddle blanket can be as innovative as the creativity and pragmatism of parents make it. So these are the main reasons why swaddle blankets for babies have gone right up to the top of the cream of baby shower gifts! So, if you’re invited for one, you already know which gift will make you look very good at the party!