Flannel or Muslin Swaddle Blankets – Which is The Better Choice?

Swaddling BlanketsThis is a common question that parents face – especially new parents. The common flannel blankets for babies seem to be an obvious choice, but, as it turns out, an increasing number of parents is turning the flannel option away and choosing muslin swaddle blankets.

While flannel blankets are extremely popular, the truth is that they often prove to be too thick, causing babies to dangerously over-heat. They are also reported as having a touch that is too rough for the delicate baby’s skin. On the other hand, muslin swaddle blankets are made of this extremely fine and delicate pure cotton, that is very gentle for the baby’s skin. Also, due to being light-weight, muslin swaddle blankets allow babies to feel comfortable without over-heating – while providing the comfort of a nice heated wrapping, when it is needed.

As muslin swaddle blankets keep making their strong comeback, and as more parents try them with their babies, many mums and dads also mention another very important difference. Flannel blankets are often reported as not being wide enough to allow for a perfect swaddling experience – both from the parents and the babies point of view. On the contrary, muslin swaddle blankets are designed to be perfectly large for the various swaddle methods that babies of different ages require.

When asked about both options, the answers of most parents who have tried both kinds of fabrics are consistently and undoubtedly muslin-favorable. Even those parents who acknowledge some merits of flannel blankets nevertheless claim that there is no circumstance in which a flannel blanket could prove to be useful that cannot be well faced with a muslin blanket.

The comeback of muslin swaddle blankets as must-have items of baby care is definitely becoming a very strong trend. The increasing quality of the muslin cotton used to make these blankets, as well as their smart design and multiple utility features, are making a solid contribution for muslin blankets to take over the baby flannel blankets market.