Is There a Difference Between Swaddling and Receiving Blankets?

The shortest, simplest and truest answer is ‘No’. Quite simply, the term ‘receiving blanket for baby’ refers to the original use of these blankets as receiving blankets for newborn babies as soon as they are born. However, their use goes far beyond that moment. These same blankets, which can also be […]

Muslin Swaddling Blankets


How to Choose a Proper Swaddling Blanket

Choosing a proper baby swaddling blanket should not be a difficult task – but the truth is that there is a wide offer of swaddle blankets on the market that may leave you a bit confused as to what is the best choice. So let’s take a look at the […]

Choosing a Nice and Practical Baby Shower Gift

You have been invited for a baby shower and now you’re struggling to find the best possible gift to bring with you. In the seemingly endless universe of possibilities, everything seems great and you can’t decide what to offer. Well, allow us to turn that apparently complex decision into a […]