Our mission

Muslin Swaddle BlanketsNowadays, there are too many brands offering enormous amount of products, but their customer service is nowhere near the level that the customers deserve.

Our GOAL is to offer exceptional quality products with even better customer service. We know what we would like to receive when we are on the buying side and that’s exactly what we will strive to provide to YOUour clients.

When choosing, designing and preparing our products, we are always considering these crucial points:

  1. Is this product good enough for our family, so we can offer it to YOU ?
  2. Will this product deliver YOU the satisfaction that we would expect to get from it ?
  3. Will this product bring YOU more value than you have invested in it ?
  4. What can we do, to give YOU even more than what you expect to get ?
  5. What can we do, to have you bragging about your new purchase to your friends and get you excited about being a part of our Stolina family ?

We are also always considering the impact our products will have on the environment, so we use only recyclable materials for our packages.

We prefer not to count on fancy packaging to get your initial attention, but on an exceptional product to get your unconditional devotion and have you in our family!

From the bottom of our hearts,
The Stolina Team