Four Pack of Large 100% Cotton Premium Muslin Soft Baby Swaddling and Receiving Blankets

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Soft Muslin Swaddle Blankets – High Quality 100% Cotton Fabric for Swaddling and Receiving
4 Pack Large 47×47″ (120x120cm) Unisex for Boys & Girls + Bonus: Muslin Laundry / Washing Bag

  • Soft breathable fabric made in Bulgaria with 100% pure cotton grown and produced in Europe.
  • Huge size (47″x47″) to make swaddling easy and ensure continuous use while your baby grows.
  • Bonus item: Multipurpose 100% Cotton Muslin Pouch!
  • Multi functional: Swaddling blanket, Stroller shading cover, Stroller mat, Stroller bug protector, Changing mat, Baby car seat cover, Breastfeeding privacy cover, Burping mat and many more.

+ GIFT: 100% cotton pouch, which you can use to:
– Tidy your baby bag by storing the little things that always get lost at the bottom.
– Put in it the tiny baby socks and gloves before you wash them in the washing machine, so they won’t get lost.
– Or just store something in it for your easy to access convenience.

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