Flannel or Muslin Swaddle Blankets – Which is The Better Choice?

This is a common question that parents face – especially new parents. The common flannel blankets for babies seem to be an obvious choice, but, as it turns out, an increasing number of parents is turning the flannel option away and choosing muslin swaddle blankets. While flannel blankets are extremely […]

Swaddling Blankets

Why are Receiving Blankets the Preferred Choice for Baby Showers?

When you go to a baby shower, you want to bring a gift that the parents will see as something useful, beautiful and durable. So what gift should you take? The answer is becoming increasingly easy, as receiving blankets go on becoming the trendiest and most treasured baby shower gift that […]

What is a Baby Registry List?

Contrary to popular belief, a Baby Registry List is not a never-ending list of some of the things you will need and many of the things you will never use for your baby. Quite the opposite, a good Baby Registry List should be a simple, actionable and down-to-the-basics list of […]